I always have a small stock of the products below. You can call me and pick them up at your convenience.

Nail Fungus Protector 18,95
Sensitive Foot foam 26,95
Cracked Heel Foam 28,95
Softening Balm 18,95
Cooling leg & foot lotion 18,95
SP Kalknagels 10,15
SP Wratten 10,15
SP Eelt & Likdoorns 10,15
SP Ureum Voetlotion 10,15
10 GRAM BAG 6,95
20 GRAM BAG 8,95
40 GRAM BAG 18,95
Prontoman Protect Voet € 15,75

Süda care tea tree olie € 11,95

Balzame Vru eelt- en wrattenzalf € 9,95

What is it and how does it work?
You buy a treatment. This means that you pay for the treatment but do not use it yourself.

In your place, you can appoint someone who will receive the treatment. This can be done anonymously, as a surprise. You give me the details of the person in question and I send him or her an invitation to call me for an appointment.

Of course, you can also do it non-anonymously. In that case, you let him or her know who is going to call for an appointment and if he or she has been there I will let you know.

Furthermore, you can also give a foot treatment to an unknown person. In that case, I will treat an extra person from the Voedselbank Hilversum.

Do you want more information? Call or mail me!

Gift Cards

You can buy different kind of Gift Certificates:

  • For a certain amount
  • For a certain treatment

See here for the different options.

Please note that if you buy a gift certificate in a discount period the certificate has a limited validity.