Please consider the following:

  • If you have to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance so that I can give your place to someone else.
    If you cancel within 24 hours, I will unfortunately have to charge you for the time you have reserved.
  • For people with diabetes mellitus I am, by the health insurers, obliged to note the Simms classification class on the invoice. This is determined by the general practitioner or specialist. Therefore, please bring a referral from the general practitioner or specialist on which the Simms class is mentioned with you for the first treatment.
  • See the policy conditions of your health insurance for the possibilities to get your treatment reimbursed by the insurance.



Basic treatment
  • intake
  • disinfecting feet
  • cutting nails
  • cleaning the nail area
  • polishing the nails
  • manually removing a normal amount of callus
  • smoothing your feet mechanically
  • relaxing massage with nourishing cream

This treatment will take 30-45 minutes
The fee for this treatment is € 42,50

Deluxe treatment
  • intake
  • disinfecting feet
  • treating a fungal and/or ingrowing nail
  • cutting nails
  • cleaning the nail area
  • manually removing calluses
  • smoothing your feet mechanically
  • scrub treatment
  • feet mask with ProNails Vitamin Mask
  • massage

This treatment will take 60-75 minutes
The fee for this treatment is € 80,00

Chiropody for kids
  • intake
  • measuring the feet and the shoes
  • desinfecting feet
  • cutting nails
  • if necessary removing calluses and corns
  • smoothing feet mechanically
  • relaxing massage with nourishing cream

This treatment will take 30 minutes
The fee for this treatment is € 32,50



PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy

1e appointment

  • Basic treatment
  • Fungal Nail Screening

This treatment will take 60 minutes
The fee for this treatment is € 72,50

Follow-up appointments

Price appointment is made after the 1st treatment because depends on the number of fungal nails to be treated.

Custom-made toe props

A custom-made silicone orthosis to relieve pain from, for example, hammer toes or claw toes, corns between or on the tops of the toes or a hallux valgus.

This treatment only takes place after a basic treatment and screening of the foot.

Orthosis large € 27,50
Orthosis small € 20,00

Corrective nail braces

Applying a nail brace to prevent or improve an ingrowing nail.

Apply nail bracket without further chiropody treatment € 30,00

Nail brace application as part of a chiropody treatment € 20,00

Partial Treatment

Treatment of one location and/or problem:

Geeting rid of, for example, an ingrowing toe nail or corn without additional chiropedy treatment

This treatment is on request
Fees are depending on the problem

Polishing nails with NCM Gel polish

Applying 4 coats of NCM Lacquer Gel

Without pedicure treatment € 35,00
Combined with a pedicure treatment € 5,00 discount

Nail polishing the hands € 35,00
Combined with a pedicure treatment and/or polishing the toenails € 5,00 discount

Removal of NCM gel polish € 7,50
Removal of gel polish in combination with pedicure treatment free of charge

NB: gel polish not applied by FootWorks will only be removed by FootWorks at your own risk.

Toenail reconstruction

Apply an artificial nail with gel to embellish a broken or diseased nail.

This treatment is only offered in combination with a Basic Treatment.

Nail repair big toe € 30,00
Nail repair small toes (price per nail) € 10,00


Pressure relief with felt therapy

Temporarily pressure-free installation using felt under the forefoot or heel (e.g. corns and/or wounds), fissures in the heel or a hallux valgus.

This treatment only takes place in combination with a basic treatment

Costs are from € 15,00 and depend on the problem to be solved.



Fungal nail screening

Taking the biopsy, contact with the laboratory and feedback to the family doctor costs € 20,00.

Screening by the laboratory of the Radboud UMC is covered by your insurance (provided that you have already used up your deductible).

Screening & examination

Annual screening for diabetes/rheumatism patients € 25,00

Feetscan (bleuprint) and sock & shoe examination € 17,50




Evening and weekend surcharge

Evening surcharge (Mon. to Fri. after 21.00) – €25,00
Saturday evening surcharge (after 17.00) – € 35,00
Sunday surcharge (10.00 – 17.00) – € 25,00
Sunday evening surcharge (17.00 – 22.00) – € 40,00