What is IBX?

IBX is a new and revolutionary nail product.

The so far known nail strengthening products form a layer ON the nail. But IBX penetrates IN the nail. IBX strengthens the nail itself. There is no other product on the market that can do this.

What use is IBX to you?

An IBX treatment restores your natural finger and toenails. The treatment consists of several sessions and after the first one you will already see and notice the difference. An IBX treatment is a professional treatment that takes place in practice.


Restores, protects and strengthens damaged, vulnerable, cracking and thin nails – also for people who spend a lot of time with their hands in water.
Fills horizontal or vertical grooves and repairs delaminations, crevices and cracks
Restores nails damaged as a result of trauma, matrix damage or natural weakness
Reduces white spots and improves the colour of nails
Is not visible on the outside and therefore suitable for men and women from 16 years of age.
Can help you get rid of nail-biting in a natural way.

With IBX, your nails, which always break easily or become ugly, can become strong, healthy and beautifully long. And nails on which gel polish didn’t last long don’t have this problem anymore once treated with IBX.

How does IBX work?

The nail plate consists of a large number of layers of dead skin cells, which contain the protein keratin. It is the keratin that hardens the nail. The cells of the nail plate do not form a continuous whole, but there are cavities between them. The nail plate, therefore, has a spongy structure, a network of keratin with open spaces in between.

IBX first penetrates these cavities and is then cured. When cured, IBX forms a second spongy structure, which is interwoven with the nail plate. IBX only attaches to itself, not to the keratin. This makes the nail plate firmer and less vulnerable, any damage is filled in and the nail retains its flexibility. In fact, the nail has become a better nail.

IBX does not need to be removed during the next session. A new layer is applied that penetrates the nail plate again.

How often do you use IBX?

The frequency with which IBX is used depends on the degree of damage. As long as there is serious damage, you use IBX every week. If the damage is less severe, then once every fortnight is sufficient. Once the damage has been repaired, you can keep your nails in good condition by using IBX once every three or four weeks.

What to do yourself?

In order to achieve a good result together, it is important that you work on the repair yourself at home.

  • During the first 3 weeks, you lubricate and massage the nail and cuticles at least twice a day, but preferably 4 to 6 times a day, with the Dadi Oil that you purchased during the first treatment.
  • Keep the nails at a good length and do not let them become too long to avoid the danger of tearing.
  • Take care of your feet/hands with a good lotion.

Do you have brittle, dry, cracked or partially detached nails on your hands or feet?

And do you want this problem to be a thing of the past? Then make an appointment now so that we can assess your nails.