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Let me take care of your feet!

Do you suffer from a lot of callus? Or do you have a corn? Do you have painful or tired feet? I can help you!

A chiropody (or pedicure as it is called as well) treatment is much more than a simple ‘luxury’ or ‘only for women’. In our life time we walk for around 120,000 miles on our feet and yet it is often our most neglected body part. Pedicure comes from the Latin words ‘pes’ (foot) and ‘cura’ (care) and it indicates exactly why everyone should consider a treatment. Because our feet are worth it.

The advantages?

  • I have the means to give your feet a deep cleaning treatment so that bacteria do not stand a chance, the condition of the cuticles will be improved and the skin of the feet remains healthy and odourless.
  • I can help you with ingrown nails and other problems such as fungal nails, athlete’s foot, corns and foot warts.
  • I can give you advice if you have pain or other complaints about your ankles and feet so that walking and exercising will become painless again. If I find specific medical conditions I will refer you to a doctor or other specialist.
  • As part of the treatment you will receive a massage and you will go home feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • And last but not least … regular visits to a chiropodist ensure that your feet look well-groomed and healthy so that you no longer have to hide them in socks and shoes.

Evening and weekend surcharges

In general my business hours are from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 6 pm. But it may be that that does not suit you. Because:

  • you yourself work during those hours
  • you prefer a foot treatment in the evening just before you go to sleep
  • because Sunday is your day to pamper yourself
  • because you want to surprise your father, mother, daughter, son or partner

I am flexible and I have no problem working outside normal hours. But of course I ask for an extra surcharge. Look here for an overview.

Ambulatory clients

Generally my clients come to the practice but it may occur that it suits you better when I come to your house instead. Because:

  • you do not have the time to visit me
  • because the entire family want a treatment
  • because you feel more comfortable on your own couch while you are Netflixing
  • because you can’t get away because you have small children to attend to

For me the reason does not matter. But I do ask a fee for the time I will lose while travelling, park the car and carry my equipment inside. You can check here which fee applies to you.

If moving around is difficult and you are UNABLE to get to the salon I will not charge the extra fee.

I am Jacqueline ter Haar

I am chiropodist and like to help you take care of your feet. Do you suffer from annoying problems such as callus, cracked heels, corns, in growing nails or fungal infections? In those instances taking care of your feet is no longer a luxury. 

But you can also contact me if you do not have any problems yet but just find it important to regularly get a professional treatment and have your feet checked. A (Chinese) feet massage is yet another option…please give me a call.

This is what I can do for you!


I regularly have offers where you’ll be able to get nice discounts on treatments. And if I find new information on products and treatments to help you with small or large foot problems I will share that with you in my blogs and newsletter too.

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The different possibilities

Chiropody Treatments from € 30

I will take care of your feet either in your home or you can take a seat in my attractive practice space. The treatment always includes the care of your nails and the nail environment, the removal of callus and a nice massage.

Chinese feet massage from € 30

During a Chinese feet massage I treat the reflex zones and meridians in your feet and lower legs. These zones correspond to points in your entire body, such as organs, tissue and muscles. The massage promotes blood flow and the lymphatic system, allowing waste products and blockages to be removed. A traditional Chinese foot massage is relaxing, vitalizing and cleansing.

I wholeheartedly recommend this massage for example in stress, headache, muscle and nerve pain and insomnia. Experience what this special massage technique can do for you.

Access Bars from € 30

Similar to the reflex zones and meridians in your feet, you also have a number of points on your head that correspond to energy paths. By gently touching these points (Bars), a change in brainwave activity occurs, similar to a deep meditation. Without you having to do something yourself you enter into a deep relaxation. A number of advantages of this treatment are: better concentration (also in ADHD and ADD), less stress and fatigue, better sleep and less burden with exam fear.

This treatment can be easily combined with a pedicure treatment.

Feet & Such

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You will be pleasantly surprised!

Give your feet the treatment they deserve!